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In all purchase award competitions except as noted in the description, the sponsor has the right to decline the judges' choice and make their own selection. If this should be the case, the judges' selection will retain its first place ranking and the ribbon; however, the sponsor's selection will receive the cash purchase award. The sponsor may also decline all entries, in which case the cash award will not be presented.


All reproduction rights remain with the artist.

Two-dimensional entries must be framed to a quality reflecting the prestige of the award.


Special Competition #1

Indigenous Art
$150 for 1st prize winning painting
$150 for 1st prize winning carving
Sponsored by SIGA

Indigenous Art with a focus on nature represents Canada’s original wildlife art. Artists are encouraged to submit their work to show how well this style is based on nature. Special arrangements must be made in advance for paintings exceeding 42” in width. Paintings must be submitted ready to hang. 

$150 for best painting
$150 for best carving


Special Competition #2

Saskatchewan Large Predator Series - Black Bear
$1,000.00 purchase award sponsored by Sharon Walker


Entry will be a suitable framed painting of one or more animals in suitable habitat. The artwork is to have a minimum image size of 11x14 inches, maximum 26x36 inches, and must be presented framed in a manner in keeping with the size of the purchase award. Outside dimensions must be no larger than 42 inches in length or width. Any flatwork medium is acceptable.

The winning artwork will become the property of the sponsor.

Do not enter if you do not wish to sell your painting, as the purchase prize may not be declined. 

2013 - Grizzly Bear

2014 - Wolf
2015 - Cougar
2016 - Lynx
2017 - Black Bear


Special Competition #3

Dr. David E. Stark Purchase Award - Egret Carving
$1,200.00 purchase award sponsored by Dr. Stark


This is year 4 of a 5 year program during which the sponsor will offer $1,200 annually for a caring of a shorebird(s) or wading bird(s) - species to be announced each year. The carving should be 14 to 16 inches in height. Carvings should be presented with suitable habitat, be carved in the decorative style, and will be painted to the highest level of the artist's ability.

The 2017 carving is to be an Egret.


Special Competition #4

Nature Stamp Competition
To be auctioned in the Sunday Miniatures Auction
1st - $100 and 2nd - $50


While not a stamp competition in the true sense of the word, this is our own special version of one. All 2 dimensional entries shall be - you guessed it - the size of a stamp. What we're striving for is a series of unique hallway or mantle sized pieces for collectors to enjoy and admire. Maximum image size will be 10 square inches each, mounted singly or in blocks of up to four "stamps" (perforations optional). All entries must be matted and framed or ready for display on a miniature easel. Have fun with it - it's meant to be!

All entries will be auctioned off on Sunday afternoon Miniatures Auction with entire proceeds going towards show expenses.  No entry fee.


Special Competition #5
Cocktail Glass Carvings

To be auctioned in the Sunday Miniatures Auction 
1st - $100 and 2nd - $50

NO REGISTRATION FEE These are, as the name suggests, carvings small enough to float in a cocktail glass. Carvings should be small (3 inches maximum) and moderately detailed. Any 3 dimensional pieces are welcome - they do not need to float! The whole idea is to be able to collect samples of each other's work whatever the style. Most of all, don't be afraid to have some fun with your entry.

All entries will be auctioned off on Sunday afternoon with entire proceeds going towards show expenses.  No entry fee.


Special Competition #6
Poster Award Members only
$100 prize (winner keeps entry)

Open to SWAA members only 
Pieces entered in this competition may be 2-D or 3-D. Entries may be of any medium and do not need to have been completed within the last 3 years. For this competition only, artists are permitted to enter pieces previously entered in Reflection. The image of the winning piece will be used on the poster and promotional material for the next year's Reflections of Nature festival.


Special Competition #7
Razertip Photography Challenge
"Wildlife in Action"

Purchase Award: $250


Sponsored by Razertip Industries Inc
Entry will be a suitably framed photograph of one or more wildlife subjects (bird, mammal, reptile, etc.) in action. The photograph is to have a minimum image size of 11x14" and a maximum image size of 26x36". Outside frame dimension must be no larger than 42" in length or width. The photograph may be in colour or monochrome. Un-enhanced as well as digitally enhance photographs will be accepted. Judging emphasis will be on image impact and originality. The winning entry receives a $250 purchase award. The entry will become the property of the sponsor with all rights to the images remaining with the artist.
Do not enter if you do not wish to sell your photograph, as the purchase award may not be declined.


Special Competition #8

Carved Cane or Walking Stick
$150 for 1st and $75 for 2nd place

Sponsored by Christopher Moore Financial Servicers, Sunlife Financial

Carving on walking sticks or canes entered into this competition can be on the handle only or along the entire length. The comfort, stability and strength of the piece will be taken into consideration. 


Special Competition #9

Upcycled into Art
$150 for 1st place


One man’s junk can be another man’s treasure! And this competition will highlight just that. Artists will “think outside the box” to create a masterpiece using found or repurposed items. 


Special Competition #10

Photos of Prince Albert National Park
$150 for 1st place
$75 for 2nd place

Sponsored by The Friends of Prince Albert National Park

Travel to Prince Albert National Park and take photos of the natural beauty found in this part of the country. Then bring them to our show to enter this special competition. 


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