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Workshops at the 2017 Reflections Art Festival:

To register for any of the workshops contact 
Beth Campbell 
Phone or text: 306-260-3408
If there is room in the workshop she will add your name to the registrants and send you the link to pay online or have you mail payment to SWAA. You will be officially registered as soon as payment is received. 

Click here to pay early bird rate online.


Saturday, October 28:  Full Day Workshop (9 am - 4:30 pm) 
Pyrography with Doug Cox

Pyrography art work is usually done with varying monochromatic shades of brown, from light to very dark to black. From time to time however, a picture benefits greatly by adding color to it. In the first half of the day, students will do a normal monochromatic wood burned picture of their choice. The second part of the day, the students will be wood-burning an image of howling wolves and adding vibrant colours to the picture. Doug will explain how to use water color washes and artist oil color pencil crayons to achieve a fantastic finished piece.

Workshop fees with materials included:
- $85 

The $10 materials fee is included in the above pricing.

Min number of students: 5
Max number of students: 10

Taylor Warren (WG Sponsor)
Nancy Simmons
Kodi Hiller (WG Sponsor)
Robyn Rathgeber (JB Sponsor)
Jen Elder
Jordan Williams (JB Sponsor)


Saturday, October 28:  Full Day Workshop (9 am - 4:30 pm) 

Oil Painting Primer with Adeline Halvorson 

This workshop is a lesson in painting a realisitc subject without the restriction of a line drawing. It will provide an introduction to oils for those who have not tried them along with a new method for experienced painters.

At the end of this workshop you will have a monochromatic painting that you can call finished, but Adeline will also give tips on completing it in full color later.

The reference photo is supplied.

Supplies fee of $15 is added to the workshop fee to cover:
- a canvas board
- a small filbert bristle brush
- a palette

If you have your own oil paints you will need:
- Burnt Sienna
- Ultramarine blue

You will also need
- paper towels or a painting rag
- a small container of odorless solvent or water if you are using water mixable oils as Adeline does.

Workshop fees with materials included:
- $90 

The above pricing includes the materials fee of $15.

Min number of students: 4
Max number of students: 20

Sharon Walker
Heather Hawley
Claire Ginny
Cheryl Guenther
Sarah Lightfoot Wagner
Ramona Swift-Thiessen
Francine Vandergucht
Esther Quiring
Chris Scott (JB Sponsor)
Carol Dutcheshen
Imogene Schick


Saturday, October 28:  Full Day Workshop (9 am - 4:30 pm) 

Dancing Loon in Paverpol with Loretta Metzger 

Loretta has been creating Paverpol sculptures since 2010 and is now the Paverpol Distributor and trainer for Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Visit her website at
Create a Paverpol sculpture approximately 17” tall of a dancing loon. The spreading wings are made from a doily.

This sculpture will be black with blue highlights and can be displayed either indoors or outdoors.

Students should bring a roll of tinfoil (not BBQ tinfoil) and a doily if they have one. They should be dressed appropriately in crafting clothes or should bring an apron.

Loretta will supply metal stand, tape, Paverpol, Paverplast, wrappers, wire, highlight colors and doilies. 

Workshop fees with materials included:
- $90

The $15 materials fee is included in the above pricing.

Min number of students: 5
Max number of students: 20


Gail Kopp
Diane Craven
Irene Knott
Imogene Schick
Bev Kirillenko
Elizabeth Anastazia (JB sponsor)


Saturday - 1/2 day (9 am - noon, or later if necessary)

Introduction to Carving with Bob Gander 

With just a knife, we will carve a "Comfort Bird" in basswood. This is a small, highly stylized bird that can be held in the hand to relieve stress. You will learn how to hold the knife and to carve safely. You will also learn about grain direction. We will discuss how to keep a knife sharp.  

A Comfort Bird is best left unfinished and unsanded. A knife, carving glove, and blank will be provided. You will leave the class with a finished bird. 

Workshop fees: 
- $50
- NOTE: prices includes $5 materials fee for the carving blank 

Min number of students: 2
Max number of students: 8

Dane Harder (JB Sponsored)
Sarah Lightfoot Wagner's daughter #1 (WG Sponsored)
Sarah Lightfoot Wagner's daughter #2 (WG Sponsored)
Kathryn Dueck 


Sunday, October 29: Morning Workshop (9 am - noon) 
Alcohol Ink with Cecelia Elizabeth

More information to come

Workshop fees: 
- $65 

NOTE: prices include $20 materials fee which includes supplies used in class:
- alcohol inks and blending solution
- canned air
- paper towel, Q-tips, brushes
- support board
- wrapping paper, plastic bag, tote bag
- variety of tools for use in class

Price also includes three ceramic tiles that you will complete your paintings on and take home with you.

Minimum Students: 8

Gail Kopp
Diane Craven
Mae Buday
Elfrieda Toews
Mary Anne Broom
Dianne Wagner
Carol Dutcheson
Bev Kirilenko


Two 1/2 day workshops geared for ages 9 and up 

First one on Saturday (1 -4 pm)
and a second one on Sunday (9 am - noon)

Chattering Chickadee's with The Funky Artsmiths
In this three hour workshop you will learn skills to help you draw what you see, adding value and texture.

Putting these skills to use you will compose and create a beautiful painting of a chickadee nestled in foliage.

You can attend the workshop on Saturday afternoon - OR - you can attend the Sunday morning workshop.

Workshop fees: 
- $55 for students before Oct 15 Students should bring 
- paint shirt
- snack and water bottle.

Min number of students: 3
Max number of students: 6

Funky Artsmiths' Blog


Drop-in Activity 

Fly Tying with The Kilpatrick Flyfishers

Stop by the Kilpatrick Flyfishers booth and try your hand at fly tying. 

Cost of Workshops:
Book by Oct 15 to receive the early bird rate:
- full day $65 plus materials
- half day $35 plus materials
Add an additional $10 for registrations after Oct 15

NOTE: The cost for materials and supplies is added to the registration fees.

If there is still space in the workshop and the workshop is still scheduled, you can register on Thursday, October 26 when art pieces are being dropped off to be registered at Prairieland, Hall C, noon - 8:00.

Contact  Beth Campbell to book space then
pay for workshops here once your space is confirmed.

You can also pay by cheque sent to:
Saskatchewan Wildlife Art Association
Box 910
Martensville, SK  S0K 2T0
That cheque must be received by Oct 15.

If you cancel your registration prior to October 25 one half of the total will be refunded. There will be no refunds after October 25.

Note that workshops that do not have minimum registrants by October 15 will be cancelled. In this instance a full refund will be issued to registrants.

If you have any requests for a workshop - or if you would like to present a workshop contact Beth Campbell.

Click here for Instructor Contract form 

Online payment - once you are registered in a workshop you can pay online.

***************************Demos planned for 2017:

We will be welcoming Dave Kemp back to demonstrate his chainsaw carving techniques. 

Other demonstrations are being planned - be sure to check back.
A variety of SWAA artists will be demonstrating their techniques.
If you are an artist wishing to demo contact Beth Campbell 


Saturday, October 28:  Full Day Workshop (9 am - 4:30 pm) 
Airbrushing a Pumpkinseed Sunfish Casting

with Bob Lavender 


Airbrush a Pumpkin Seed Sunfish casting using, free hand airbrushing, templates, masking tape and pastels. Some brush strokes will be taught. 

Basic air brush cleaning and maintenance will be covered. 

Austin Eade
Lunch is NOT provided, however there will be food for sale from the Prairieland concession cart. Or, you could bring your own packed lunch.

Thank you to both:

- John Benesh and
- The Saskatchewan Woodworkers Guild  

for sponsoring students to take the workshops at Reflections.  

For information about being a sponsored student contact Beth Campbell. (306-260-3408)

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