Chair - Beth Campbell
Co-chair - Holly Edwards
Treasurer - Audrey Boyd
Secretary - Judy Kasdorf


Sponsorship: Beth Campbell &
Booths: Corla McGillivray & Beth Campbell
Advertising: Harvey Rebalkin &
Graphics & Print Media: Sheri Gordon, Holly Edwards, Cam Merkle
Signage: Beth Campbell
Competition & Judging: 
Venue: Reuben Unger & Richard Afseth
Photographer: Wayne Keating
Workshops: Beth Campbell
Volunteers: Beth Campbell & Audrey Boyd
Gala Opening: Holly Edwards & Audrey Boyd & Committee
Auctions: Holly Edwards & Lori Merkle
Feature Artist: Beth Campbell
Pumpkin Carving: Beth Campbell
Signage: Beth Campbell
Quick Draw: Tania Nault
Pin Carving: Leroy Royer
Photo Slideshow: 
Art Demonstrations: 
SWAA Booth: 
Artist Garage Sale: 

- obtain sponsors
- signed agreement
- logos for advertising?
- ensure to include each in signage for show 
  - need to advise whoever is making signs 
- additional sponsors are welcomed after March 1, but may not be included in all print materials
- ensure that whoever is looking after online information is kept updated 
- more substantial sponsors may be offered reserved seating at events. Ensure that the reserved table have signage to indicate who they are. Coordinate this with the set-up and signage volunteers.
- prepare thank you cards - have ready to distribute during show or mail after if the sponsor does not attend the show.
- complete any follow-up required? (for example: a report to larger sponsors)

BOOTH COMMITTEE    - Corla McGillivray & Beth Campbell
- goal to have completed list by Sept 30
- canvas previous year booth vendors to see if they are interested in participating again this year.
- complete the agreement package with each vendor, collect payment to turn over to treasurer
- cost: Single 10x10' for $150 or Double 10x20' for $250
- do they have special requirements such as power? 
- do they have anything that they would like to donate to the Gala Opening silent auction? Or as a door prize to give out during the banquet?
- booth set-up is Friday from 9 am - 3 pm 
- have each booth signed to indicate where vendors are located
- all vendors will be issued a name tag - so must let whoever is preparing names tags to include them in the list
- all vendors are responsible for their own booth. SWAA accepts no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged articles of liability for any injury or damage.  
- prepare thank you cards to distribute at the close of the show along with the receipt that the treasurer will give to you
- advise whoever is doing the online work to include the vendor's names on the blog and on FaceBook.

RECORDS COMMITTEE  - Corla McGillivray
- data base to keep record of all registrations and awards given out
- prepare results report to distribute at the end of the festival and to have available online
- prepare a stats report so we know how many registrations we had in each category

- work with Signage committee to develop graphics
- distribute TV, Radio & Print media
- work with competition committee to distribute guide book
- outside displays
- ensure treasurer receives invoices for payment
- attend various meetings to give presentation about show & distribute brochures (Chamber, Business Clubs, Art groups, Camera Club, etc)
- work with Raffle Committee to arrange the sale of Raffle Tickets & the promotion of the  show at various locations 
- arrange art displays at a variety of venues to promote show - example: Circle Park Mall
- keep FB page and blog updated 
- mail out to contacts in the country
- distribute the posters

SIGNAGE, GRAPHICS & PRINT MEDIA   - Beth Campbell, Cam Merkle, Sheri Gordon & Holly Edwards
- work with other committees to produce & distribute print media including:
   - posters
   - raffle tickets & poster
   - show signage for competitions & events
   - guide book
   - brochures for show & for workshops
   - thank you cards
   - invitations
   - banquet & gala opening tickets
- registration signage
- workshop posters to display to indicate what workshops are available and where - have these posters available during registration and during show
- show banner or posters to indicate the show is on in Hall C and FREE 

- Ribbons - determine and obtain number required - Holly Edwards
- Trophies - ensure that engraving is completed - Harvey Rebalkin
- Judges - obtain judges - judges are listed on website - JUDGES
- Records & Runners - need one set for each set of judges
- Recording kits - ensure adequate supplies are available - pens, stickers, erasers, etc - Lola Hingtgen

- obtain raffle license for annual raffle
- obtain raffle license for pumpkin raffle - tickets to be purchased and dropped into the box next to the carved pumpkin they would like to win
- ensure that tickets are printed, distributed and picked up

REGISTRATION  - Audrey Boyd, Lola Hingtgen & __2__ & volunteers at show
- canvas for volunteers during registration
- prepare registration kits & books
- ensure proper signage is available for registration
- ensure liaison for Prairieland knows numbers for Gala Opening & Banquet
- work with Venue committee to hang artwork

VENUE & SET-UP - HOSPITALITY - Reuben Unger & Richard Afseth & volunteers at show
- reserve venue & meet with Prairieland staff to coordinate
- prepare show floor plan
- canvas volunteers to bring in and set up boards and tables
- order any extra tables or boards required
- skirting for tables?
- canvas for volunteers to assist during set-up
- supervise setting up to hang and arrange the art
- appoint liaison to advise Prairieland of numbers for Gala Opening Wine & Cheese (by Friday noon)
- appoint liaison to advise Prairieland of numbers for Banquet (by Saturday noon)
- provide treasurer with information needed to make payments 
- arrange morning coffee & treats, Thursday supper & Friday lunch

PHOTOGRAPHER - Wayne Keating & 
- appointed show photographer(s) will ensure that photos are taken 
- photos of each event or activity
- photos of all entries - especially photos of award winners
- photos during the award ceremonies
- provide photos to be displayed online and to be used for future advertising

WORKSHOPS  - previous coordinator has stepped down Beth Campbell & 
September 30 is the early bird registration date. 
- all day workshops on Saturday 
- Cost:
   -  early bird (Sept 30) registration is $60 (includes materials)
   -  registration after Sept 30 is $70 (includes materials)
   -  fee is split between show & instructor on an individual basis
- prepare agreement with instructor - provide copy to treasurer after Sep 30 requirement is reached
- establish minimum & maximum attendance
- coordinate with Sponsorship Committee to find sponsor for youth attendees
- find the youth attendees to be sponsored
- if minimum registration number is not met by Sep 30 the workshop is cancelled
- arrange workshops to ensure workshop space is identified at the show and is ready for instructor (power, etc)
- provide signage at the show 
- have Thank You card and payment ready to give to instructor at the show

VOLUNTEERS  one person to coordinate with other committees
- coordinate volunteer efforts to ensure that those canvassing know who has already been approached and that all potential volunteers are contacted
- Keep track of volunteers to ensure each volunteer receives the appropriate benefits
- ensure that a volunteer is available to be at the entrance to welcome visitors, accept donations, sell raffle tickets and to answer any questions visitors may have
- Provide thank you cards ?? 

GALA OPENING  - Holly Edwards, Audrey Boyd & large committee 
- admission by advance ticket purchase only ($20 - may be adjusted to include member benefits)
- ensure that tickets are available for sale at the approved locations - J&S - Razertip - Hues - Art Placement - Don's Photo - ??? anywhere else ????
- ensure that the tickets are collected prior to registration
- ensure that the tickets are available online - contact website person 

- a black & white auction booklet will be produced containing names & graphics of those donating pieces. This information with colour graphics will be added to the blog and FB.  Ensure that this information is obtained by Sept 30 and available to people preparing the booklet and putting the information online.
- contact auctioneer (Bud Hill)
- canvas volunteers as spotters during the auction
- canvas for volunteers to receive payment for the auction
- sort silent & live auction items 
- determine the order for the live auction items
- prepare lists of Live Auction items with artwork, title/description, artist name. Make 3 copies - 1 for MC - 1 for auctioneer - 1 for cash table volunteer(s) indicating if artwork sale is full donation or 50/50 split. Make a second copy of the cash table list for our records.
- prepare list of Live Auction items for the spectators / bidders
- prepare a list of Silent Auction items indicating if sale is a full donation or a 50/50 split. You will need 1 copy of this for the cash table volunteer(s).
- prepare a silent auction sheet for each of the Silent Auction items
- at least 2 volunteers (3 is better) are needed to be the "Vannas" to show each live auction as it comes up for bidding. They will obtain the successful bidder's name / signature and amount bid and will help match the successful bidder with their auction purchase once payment has been made
- a volunteer to help close Silent Auction items throughout the evening (this could be the 3rd person from the live auction volunteers.
- reserve tables for sponsors, etc
- artists have option of splitting auction proceeds - ensure they receive their share with their Thank you card. Possibly include the total raised for the show in that Thank you 
Example:  Due to the generosity of the artists participating $____ was raised to ensure the success of our future shows. Thank you for your support. 

FEATURE ARTIST  - need coordinator Feature artist for 2017 will be Judy Kasdorf
- contact potential feature artist
- artist provided with booth - coordinate that with booth committee
- provide equipment needed for booth & presentation
- provide signage at booth

PUMPKIN CARVING  - Beth Campbell & 
- acquire pumpkins (Beth donated the pumpkins from her garden)
- stock carving kits
- workmate benches used for larger pumpkins
- drop clothes put on floor
- plastic tablecloth on tables 
- need water and rags
- contact TV & Radio media to find carvers
- have signs indicating who the carvers are
- coordinate with Zoo Society - they will get 1/2 of the proceeds of auction - may be able to provide volunteers to help with event - they should help by advertising the event to their membership 
- raffle license & tickets to put into boxes by each pumpkin - draw made to award pumpkins made on Sunday afternoon - recipient MUST pick up pumpkin be 5:00 Sunday
- would the Zoo Society be open to receiving uncharted pumpkins for animals to eat - and allowing our volunteers to be present to take photos when they are fed? Yes

QUICK DRAW  - coordinator at show (Tania Nault?)
- Sunday morning 9 am - noon
- items sold during Sunday auction - are we splitting proceeds with artists? If so, ensure that the artist receives his/her share

PIN CARVING  Leroy Royer
- Sunday morning 10 am - 12:30 ??  9:00 am - noon
- items sold during Sunday auction - are we splitting proceeds with artists? If so, ensure that the artist receives his/her share

PHOTO SLIDESHOW  - coordinator & 
- arrange with Sponsorship committee to have TV provided for slideshow (Neuro Net??)
- arrange with Sponsorship committee to have quiet corner decorated (interior designer??)
- arrange with venue coordinator to have sofa/chairs
- SWAA computer dedicated to be used to run slideshow
- memory sticks registered as a piece of art during registration and given back at the end of the show
- signage to show which photographer has photos showing and at what time

- chainsaw carving outside
- artists at SWAA booth

- artists provide demos during show
- display of committee's artwork

GARAGE SALE BOOTH  - discontinued in 2017
- items are received during registration
- need to price each item
- need to set up booth and ensure it is manned during the show
- cash box & change

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