Art Displays

Non-Competitive Displays

Artists who may not want their work judged but wish to exhibit and offer their original work for sale may enter it here for display or critique in this non-competitive venue. Work is not restricted by subject matter or media, however, the Reflections of Nature committee reserves the right to reject work that is too large to be properly displayed, or is deemed inappropriate to our audience.

Pre-booking of entire panels or tables is necessary to allow coordination and accommodation of display requirements. Artists have the freedom to arrange any number of their own original pieces in their own display. To pre-book contact  Beth Campbell at - 306-260-3408  by September 30.  

Cost for a display only space for the duration of the show is:
- $55 / board or table for members (GST included) 
- $65 / board or table for non-members (GST included) 

This is a "display" option - it is not for a manned booth to sell items. Leave your contact information on the display; if someone is interested in purchasing an item they can contact you to meet them and you can make a sale. 

Some important guidelines:
-  Entries must be original, not a reproduction (reproductions can be sold by renting booth space instead of a panel or table).
-  Entries will not be judged, but are eligible for Peoples Choice Award. 
-  Entries may be 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional 
-  Entries may be composed of any media 
-  Artist, or artist groups have an opportunity to display their work by renting an entire table, or panels (must pre-book by September 30
-  Artists who are renting tables, or panels are responsible for setting up their display on Friday (between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm) and taking down their work when the show closes, Sunday at 4:00 pm. 
-  Artists renting tables/panels may provide biographies and promotional material within their display area. 
-  Artists displaying their work have the opportunity to have their work critiqued by their peers. 
-  Artists wishing to sell their work may do so, and are responsible for all sale transactions. The displays MUST retain the look of being complete for the entire show. If a piece is sold, it must be replaced with another piece, or the display must be shifted to maintain a complete appearance.

Display boards and tables:
-  Art panel (approximate size 4 x 8 single side) 
-  Table—(8 ft long, skirted and covered) 

The cost to rent an entire board or table:
- $55 / board or table for members (GST included) 
- $65 / board or table for non-members (GST included) 

Payment: Cash, Cheque, Visa, Mastercard, eTransfer
Or - CLICK HERE to pay online

Space may be limited, and will be allocated on a first-come, first serve basis - so be sure to book promptly.

Note that artists wishing to sell reproductions, make on-the-spot sales or be in attendance for the duration of the show can do so by renting a booth space.  Booth space can be shared by 2 or more artists.  Click here for more information about renting a booth.

BOOKED FOR 2017:           
- Prairie Palette Painters - panels(2)
- Martie Giesbrecht - panel
- Robyn Rathgeber - panel
- Irene Harms - table
- Joshua Erikson - panels

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